asian girl flexing her natural muscles !!!!!!!!!

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21 Responses to “asian girl flexing her natural muscles !!!!!!!!!”

  1. frankd114 says:

    That is hot! she should be on the list

  2. piranya38 says:

    Yesssss! Very nice.

  3. e22378 says:


  4. MrNico2964 says:

    Like those little breast ooozing out of her top.

  5. belljason97 says:

    ohhh hell yeah hotttttt!!!!!! yes i want here mmmm

  6. iheartjas says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!

  7. ashleelmb says:

    Shes just slim and toned which defines her muscle definition a little better. Its nothing hugely impressive. Its nice to look at though because shes a fit and toned female. :)

  8. DJJarak says:

    Oh, she’s gorgeous. I might say ‘sexy’, but she looks like she could be younger than 18.

  9. realfunny7 says:

    like to oil up with here some strange pecs though

  10. femwrest says:

    @lefredvoncarstein I did. e-body has one that was the closest but it has 3 ladies. There’s no other videos just of Shoko & Takase.

  11. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @femwrest i’m sorry i’ve forgotten. but search for shouko and midori somewhere and it ought to turn up

  12. femwrest says:

    @lefredvoncarstein By any chance do you know the title of the JAV?

  13. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @brixiia if only it were JUST vomitting! but it is smth ELSE!!! BLEEHH

  14. brixiia says:

    yes the second girl that posing is midori takaze
    and second part of mix is vomitting ! i cant tell more …;)

  15. fulfillmyfantasies2 says:

    She is SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO FUCKING HOT…and when she makes her muscles QUIVER…ooooooohhhhh baby…

  16. lefredvoncarstein says:

    @femwrest sorry to say you’ll be disappointed… cos this is from a mixed-fetish JAV, and the first half of the mix is fine, it’s muscular Japanese women (2 of them including this one), the 2nd is… well, it’s 2girls1cup – 1cup pretty much.

  17. femwrest says:

    Anyone know what contest this is? Amazing babes!!

  18. pisoinit10 says:


  19. MrArmfan says:

    Wow, Wow and Wow Wow. Fantastic.
    Hope there is some more similar vids to come with girls like her, she’s very hot!!

  20. abfan5 says:

    What’s this from? Are there more contestants?

  21. cybergoku4 says:

    I love Japan! :)

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