Asian girl with a whip

My gf trying her new whip for the first time, in leather boots and skirt, long gloves.

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25 Responses to “Asian girl with a whip”

  1. kenonifty says:

    She looks faaaarrr toooo cute to be a domantrix. I would want her in lace…

  2. logansGT says:

    She looks very, uh…..healthy!!

  3. subslavee says:

    She is very hot, and She could flog me anytime!

  4. JulieTorrentino says:

    You might appear a little more informed if you used the correct terminology. That is NOT a whip. It is a flogger. If you’re lucky she might use it on you, in which case you would be flogged, not whipped.

  5. omegamoins72 says:

    Really splendid vintage unlined black kid leather gloves. Really impressive and magnificent.

  6. Stevemaizuru says:

    What happened before the video was taken?

  7. mowizbeverly16 says:

    she’s ready to rumble… xD!

  8. lovespikyboots says:

    Yes it’s Sirens, always very cute and hot outfits from there :)

  9. phuzion2006 says:

    Hey lovespikyboots from Toronto?? ya I’ve seen that at Sirens, my fiancee has almost the exact same outfit! works for me!!

  10. Oldfrisian says:

    hit me

  11. vidyaniketantkr says:

    She can apply the ships nd belts on me!

  12. shuliker says:

    She is absolutely stunning!!! Cant stop dreaming of grovelling at her feet and being under Her control… tongue wants to taste those boots badly!!

  13. gerardm says:

    She turned me on

  14. heyhom says:

    (wack wack wack)

  15. LAOMAO1987 says:


  16. lovespikyboots says:

    Actually I thought it was a rather choice comeback myself, one of my best. But really, is there some tradition or urban leged about Filipino nannies with whips? If they were young and cute enough, it might very well be something worth exploring :p

  17. Unmistakable18 says:

    weak comeback……….get a real job and stop being a fuckin’ hoe!

  18. lovespikyboots says:

    Did your Filpino nanny carry a whip?

  19. Unmistakable18 says:

    she looks like an old Filipino nanny!

  20. cav4gt says:

    “can you dominate me”

  21. kaipkkai says:


  22. cfbag says:

    where did you buy the dress

  23. tonyphillips1984 says:

    she is wearing the perfect boots knee high and gloves wow

  24. dhw314 says:

    i was going to say you are a very lucky guy to have a girl like her..but with that whip etc guess she is one lucky girl to have a guy like you. haha. she has you whipped!!

  25. lovespikyboots says:

    I think she bought it from a store called Sirens.

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