Cute Japanese Girl Dancing to Miku Hatsune in Strobo Nights

I was just bored when I put these 2 video’s together ^_^ To see more of this girls dance videos, click here: Here’s another link: Hope you like it ^^

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22 Responses to “Cute Japanese Girl Dancing to Miku Hatsune in Strobo Nights”

  1. Danielkyoshiro says:

    This song is called “Strobo Nights”

    This was actually a game that was played on the PSP ^_^

  2. cuteneko1 says:

    whats this song called?

  3. Danielkyoshiro says:

    Glad you liked it ^_^

  4. hea4123 says:

    she is so lean just like miku…look at her legs!!!
    and so adorable

  5. Danielkyoshiro says:

    oh wow! Thank you ^_^

    I’m glad you liked it ^^

    This song is called “Strobo Nights”

  6. lunamoon951213 says:

    thanks 4 the vid!!! is so cuute!!!! and who is the name of de song??=)

  7. Danielkyoshiro says:

    I’m not japanese, I wish I was thou ^^

    But if you’ve seen some of the japanese girls I’ve seen you’d have a boner for a year ^^

  8. cuosuhuang says:

    Make sure you don’t end up being a ugly japanese guy or gal. Not all Japanese are adorable.

  9. Danielkyoshiro says:

    I think she’s 18 ^_^

    But she looks young because I shrank her ^_^

  10. deathbyninja says:

    That is one small adorable girl. [:

  11. Danielkyoshiro says:

    hehehe, just thought it would be nice to see them dance together ^_^

  12. elementaria1994 says:

    Miku sing and dancing very good^^

  13. Danielkyoshiro says:

    When your old and about to die, jst pray to god that he’ll let you be reborn in japan as a hot good looking japanese guy ^_^

  14. Danielkyoshiro says:

    me too T_T

  15. JerryEnergy1 says:

    Me want Miku Persacom. (:P)~ ~ ~

  16. ayanequeenofhearts says:

    yeah a 1 in a million chance thats going to happen!

  17. Danielkyoshiro says:

    The only way to even get close to a japanese girl like that, is to die and be reborn in japan ^_^

  18. ayanequeenofhearts says:

    when can we meet girls like that man when

  19. Danielkyoshiro says:


  20. ayanequeenofhearts says:


  21. Danielkyoshiro says:

    hehehe, sadly I don’t know this extremely cute girl. Maybe in the next life T_T

  22. ayanequeenofhearts says:

    cute girl where u meet her XD, nice job 5/5

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