Cute Little Japanese Girl Play Music

Cute Little Japanese Girl Play Music

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25 Responses to “Cute Little Japanese Girl Play Music”

  1. MooMoo4173435 says:

    yes i believe it :)))

  2. KIMIPON96 says:

    isnt his girl korean not japanese she’s wearimg a hanbok not a kimono

  3. YokosukaPatrick says:

    Well, this little Korean girl certainly graduates the field of motor skills :) Very good expression too.

  4. jacktchance says:

    Girl is Korean, Lady talking is Japanese.

  5. amittada111 says:

    Not Japanese girl
    Girl is Korean Girl

  6. thojmoto69 says:

    she is korean but the narrator is japanese.

  7. xCandyCanez says:

    hanbok i seen it EVEN IN MAPLESTORY
    Its korean xP

  8. copoo1 says:

    I love facial expressions! :D :^ :/ :p

  9. flaviamorejon says:

    have you seen the girls at TopSexyLadies . com ? they’re so pink and fresh there man it’s the best, u can sign up for free there

  10. GodsBittersweetEmo says:

    *Well, she’s singing the song in the other video of her. Over there in Related Videos——>

  11. GodsBittersweetEmo says:

    New info: This little girl’s name is Mo Kin.
    She’s from North Korea, and the song she’s singing is “My Parents’ Kiss”.

  12. GodsBittersweetEmo says:

    @KATASTROPHI3: Because this was on a Japanese TV show. This little girl must be famous over in Eastern Asia.

  13. KATASTROPHI3 says:

    Why is the person in the back ground speaking Japanese?

  14. GodsBittersweetEmo says:

    She’s Korean. She’s wearing a hanbok, the national Korean dress.

  15. panderoath says:

    ZUUUIM….:D 0:10

  16. Shispas30 says:

    some say she japnese other say she is korean one way or another ASIAN ppl r smart!!

  17. gunitproductions101 says:


  18. gunitproductions101 says:

    damn japs
    are genius!

  19. Erae007 says:

    now.. dats north korean …

  20. XxSapphireMoonxX says:

    yes she is cute lol but she acts like a puppet o.e

  21. KagomeHigurashi says:

    Lol, she’s korean.
    As everyone is saying.

    But the narrator is Japanese.

    And wow, thats some mad talent.

  22. KagomeHigurashi says:

    How? Its cute.

  23. XxSapphireMoonxX says:

    ….creepy… o_e

  24. MariaKurenai79 says:

    CUTE X3

  25. kazenabiku1 says:

    she isnt japnese girl.
    she is northkorean girl

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