Female Wrestling – Asian girl vs White girl

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12 Responses to “Female Wrestling – Asian girl vs White girl”

  1. lovefornylonfeet says:

    Blonde (loser) Asian (winner). LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Fuschia is so much better than this blonde she beat.

  2. lovefornylonfeet says:

    @jonwodd55 I love blonde vs asian matches. I love to see a blonde get dominated and beaten by an asian chick. This is super hot and it works for me!

  3. larrylovemeet says:

    omg im gonna cum!!!

  4. reneradi says:

    Fuchsia with very good scissor- and strangle holds. she really knows how to use them.

  5. teller121 says:

    @jonwodd55 Nobody does the polite but thorough Asian domination against well built but unskilled white women like Fuschia. I once saw a vid she did with Academy Productions where takes on three different women (all white) of varying sizes, including girl who was about 5’5″ 155 lb and quite muscular. It was such a mismatch, they had to stop the match after the third submission. Beautiful wrestling.

  6. Czerniakowska says:


    She’s still around (I think in Seattle) and still doing sessions.

  7. abureich says:

    Fuchsia vs Stacy Female

    nice sleeper which I wanna take from Fuchsia

  8. slimotoole says:

    Anyone know what Fuschia is doing now? She was a star

  9. floatingcompassmedia says:

    Blondie got dominated hahaha

  10. jonwodd55 says:

    another white woman smeared by an asian,totally owned,love it when asians dominate white women thanks for posting great vid!

  11. leilanimark says:

    I’m not sure but it looks like Fuschia? She totally dominated the match. There seems to be mixed feelings about her wrestling ability but I like her – she knows how to wrestle.

  12. FemSubmWrest says:

    It seems C_and_B.

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