Guerilla Grocery – Japanese Style

Secretly filmed in a Japanese grocery store. Enjoy! If you have time, please visit my blog and facebook page! Stalk me on Twitter!

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25 Responses to “Guerilla Grocery – Japanese Style”

  1. milbomilbo says:

    @Midnightryder7 Never been to Japan but milk tastes different in US than UK and different in Spain than UK. Depends on what the cows eat and the processing I guess. (more grass for example in UK than Spain)

  2. milbomilbo says:

    It’s a sad time that shopping in a supermarket whilst filming is a dangerous thing. Fish flakes taste bad – christ! I like ‘em!

  3. Laura17T says:

    Bonito flakes are oishiiiii ne!

  4. JJuliet says:

    thanks for the footage, and risking the dangers of video recording inside of a grocery store~ lol.
    it looked like they ran outta most of their vegetables.
    but they didn’t run outta ice cream.

    i liked the jump in the beginning !!

  5. hosakimenma says:

    KATSUOBUSI is a pooular seasoning in Japan and she is not a Japanese.

  6. DroidLife says:


  7. 0baka01 says:

    you in japan?

  8. riseofkin says:

    so secret! 笑

  9. brollicon says:

    what you aren’t aloud cameras in stores

  10. B4IRUTUARU16 says:

    cookie monster kicks ass, don’t care if your a girl don’t ask dumb questions.

  11. Midnightryder7 says:

    @B4IRUTUARU16 Get it right Cookie monster I’m a girl

  12. B4IRUTUARU16 says:

    then don’t ask dumb fucking questions milk boy.

  13. Midnightryder7 says:

    @B4IRUTUARU16 fuck off you piece of shit

  14. B4IRUTUARU16 says:

    XDXDXD redtube people. this guy is a camera man from redtube

  15. B4IRUTUARU16 says:

    no they have purple cows that fart gold bars

  16. Midnightryder7 says:

    Why is Peanut butter hard to find in japan?..and Does the milk taste the same as the USA?

  17. SilverGunZoO says:

    lol copy

  18. sauron1grenoble says:

    lol magibon

  19. MyHugestFan says:

    it sounds so porn

  20. OnlyDoniaUKnow says:

    lol I love the creepy invisible mans voice from beyond the camera.

  21. SomedaysDreamersBC says:

    Has to be LOL… I think she really is into the whitey.. Funny though can tell how much taller he is than her hahaha.

  22. VJSco says:

    nice tour

  23. spacecowboy5000 says:

    The Star Wars music while flying over the meat. Priceless!

  24. wynwyn2007 says:

    I noticed you only liked the ice cream. You are really Americanized aren’t you.

  25. Unagi884 says:

    Is that at Seiyu? LOL…

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