Japanese Girl Farts Like a Man!!

Holy shit and they say things from japan are always smaller!!! Not these farts lol

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16 Responses to “Japanese Girl Farts Like a Man!!”

  1. AnonymityAccount says:

    My face + her ass = profit

  2. AnonymityAccount says:

    My face + her ass = Profit

  3. MrEdwardtaylor1984 says:

    its funny how when she has on the purple outfit you can see her butthole move when she farts.

  4. donr812 says:

    I need to find me a Japanese wife or at least a girl friend. Japanese women really know how to fart.

  5. bumpbax says:

    @XxGuardianKnightxX i love when girls fart loud!! all their farting is ladylike!! i mean what else cn they be coming from girls ass!! ^^

  6. XxGuardianKnightxX says:

    I prefer the Japanese fart fetish vids to the American ones because the women are still ladylike and demure when farting, and their farts tend to be more of the airy and girly type. DO WANT

  7. Mrpremier10 says:

    Those farts gave me a boner!

  8. bumpbax says:

    she gave me a lead pencil and i’m ready to draw!!

  9. bumpbackwards says:

    amazing exotic girl! ty

  10. saikat1239 says:

    Awesome Fart ..Really Nice Sound..Want more plz…!!

  11. jorgito198 says:

    she is not farting like a man………. I think those farts were natural for a girl.
    awesome farts from a giant booty :)

  12. bumlove1939 says:

    GOOD GOD! I almost broke my cock off! AWESOME farts!

  13. 1anaken says:

    IIIIIIIIIII 666666

  14. LegendaryFarter says:

    Ohaiyou Gozaimasu.

  15. Miokoza says:

    i think they’re farts are the biggest thing about them O:

  16. MrExecution says:

    so damn sexy!!

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