Japanese Girl scared by Polar Bear

The look on the girls face is priceless when the polar bear goes for her, VERY funny!

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25 Responses to “Japanese Girl scared by Polar Bear”

  1. PhotonicDoctor says:

    First u scare Japanese girls. Then, u offer them comfort. Third, u know what to do.

  2. alienkata says:


  3. lilkimber512 says:

    i think i was her hat

  4. TamikaxX3life says:

    Ohhhh.. So cute

  5. juLailgun says:

    That was sort of cute though…… .3.

  6. MICHAELandJELL0 says:

    Polar bear: aww shit..theres 3 inch thick glass between me and her. but i wanna rip her damn head off soo bad!!

  7. InThyWord says:

    Polar bear says “I hate your costume, your hat is ridiculous, you do not impress me, you annoy me! ” :))

  8. snarf66 says:

    @samboleh The full line that she said was “Waa… me ga acchatta kowai,” which roughly means “Aahh! Our eyes met, scary!”

  9. samboleh says:

    @snarf66 what does that mean I only know a few words in japanese.

  10. nicholasbhicks says:

    is this girl retarded?

  11. hmonggirl100 says:

    ahahahahahahaha soo funny

  12. l33th0b0 says:

    you got a seal for a hat lady…what you expecting the bear to do ????

  13. orangejuice1000 says:

    its not a little girl though. i don’t remember her name. but she’s like 20

  14. TheSnowAngel04 says:

    Polar Bear:Well, if u hate us SO much…WATCH MY MOVE! ”SPLASH”
    Japanese Girl:AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! ”falls on the flour”

  15. Sasuke4ever54321 says:

    thats tormenting the bear :(

  16. tim37021 says:

    I like her hat

  17. TheWtfkitty says:

    she was forced to wear that hat hahaha.

    i wonder if i should try to make a little girl wear some meat and run past a hungry dog.

  18. crud24 says:

    i like how the polar gives her the look could kill look that was so funny lol

  19. Serahe says:

    It’s so fake and over the top…ughhh Japanese people can’t act.

  20. mbofny says:


  21. moonisveri says:

    aaaw so cute little peach with his seal hat i give my symphaty lol

  22. snarf66 says:

    @samboleh She didn’t. She said “Waa- me ga acchatta”

  23. frostedsnakes08 says:


  24. Shiron95 says:

    kawaii <3

  25. Jed9133 says:

    some people are scared some are not no big deal…

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