Japanese Lesson – Chikan! – YesJapan – Free Japanese lessons and videos! ** Keiko and George talk about a real-life problem on Japanese trains. Chikan (痴漢, チカン, or ちかん) is a Japanese term meaning “molester” or “pervert”; the term is frequently used to describe people who take advantage of the crowded conditions on the public transit systems to touch girls. As part of the effort to combat chikan, some railway companies have designated women-only passenger cars. This short clip is from George & Keiko ep. 4×05 “Unbelievable Japan” – watch the full video show and lots more at http is the internet’s longest-running interactive Japanese education website! YesJapan’s lessons, videos, games, and community help students from around the world learn practical Japanese that you can use! Members can ask a teacher any question about any lesson! Don’t learn Japanese alone. Try a free Japanese lesson today! More free videos at:

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25 Responses to “Japanese Lesson – Chikan!”

  1. KissVirgin09 says:

    rofl “Chikan ONLY!” :P haha that sounds like it was fun to talk about ^^

  2. dibsquared says:


    XD I lol’d

  3. narcl says:

    The best way to protect yourself from a chikan is to go into a Gaijin bubble. A chikan would never go near there.
    All kidding aside this is definently a problem with Japan. Fortunently, like many of hteir other problems it is not simply being swept under the rug like most of their other issues.

  4. star18 says:

    @Jose23635 he lived alot of time in japan no doubt , and he didnt , he had lots of japanese friends in america , and if its not that either he has an amazing ability for languages!!
    or maybe all of those combined =)
    either way everyone in yesjapan are awesome and real funny

  5. bofocub says:

    the girl on the left claps like a monkey.

  6. CANDiiEpLEASE says:

    It does happen in Japan….but I can’t believe the “victims” don’t do anything about it!!

  7. Jose23635 says:

    hahaha it’s QUITE FUNNY!… where did this guy guy learn to speak japanese???

  8. squeekzoid says:

    I’m a gaijin girl (white) and I’ve been chikan’d 3 times in 2 years in Japan. But each time I screamed and the guy ran away. They’re cowards, but it’s still scary.

  9. MatMadik says:


  10. StAmander says:

    nani/nan means what you can also combine it to certain words that get something like why, or to counter words like how many people

  11. BlackMoral18 says:

    i was molested in a train twice in tokyo so they DO go for foreign girls as well (and yes, I’m caucasian)

  12. KuroiiTenshii says:

    rofl funny xD

  13. ManilaCoolCat says:

    That’s the same solution my government made here in the Philippines; albeit it’s a different situation: during the time some Muslim Terrorist bombed one of our trains a few years ago, our government decided to put children and women in another car. So far, there are no sex perverts riding trains here. If there is, Filipino men would just beat him up right on the scene.

  14. IVirOrfeo says:

    “thats the train you ride on” lol
    I think probably most girls like it, I know when I was younger I would always Interrupt if I saw some suspicious looking behavior but, after getting scolded several time by the woman who Wanted the harassment, I have learned not to interject.I think the womens only car is en excellent solution to the problem, as always the Japanese have solved the problem in an oblique way.

  15. RE4Vixen says:

    When I visit Japan, if some pervert chikan’s me I wouldn’t want to punch him and get arrested-But I would scream real loud and yell at him!! XD Not sure if they would risk chikaning a foreigner though.

  16. SanguineBullet667 says:

    Where is the woman in the middle from? She’s not native Japanese?

  17. remnantmemory says:

    jitsu ni tadashii da yo ne. America de Chikan ga sareta onna ha chikan wo korosu ne. hahaha. Sore ato, koko de hitobito mo chikanizers wo korosu ne.

  18. fennie2578 says:

    you can get into a bigger trouble doing that.
    when in rome… u know what 2 do…

  19. andresrojas22 says:


  20. dboy4ever says:

    if i catch a chikan on a japanese train i’d beat the crap out of him

  21. luke666808g says:

    yes it means what.

  22. IchigoAmidama says:

    interesting XDDD ! hehe

  23. atlvocalist says:

    LOL, yeah, here in the states, the chick would kick the guys butt!

  24. JeePnoY1 says:

    yeah it means what.
    Nani Kore means whats this.

  25. BreazyNova says:

    it would be hard for me not to punch someone’s face in if I saw this happening in front of me. i would be down for starting some kind of anti-chikan movement with a bunch of other huge dudes like myself. we’d have them rather be caught by the cops than by us. ; )

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