Ourei Harada

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Name: Ourei Harada
Japanese name: 原田桜怜
Birthday: February 25, 1986
Current age: 23
Birth location: H & #
Perfect Measurements: 97-60-88 cm
Occupation: gravure idol and model.
Height: 158 m (5 feet 2 inches)
Shoe size: 23cm
Eye color: Brown.

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Information about Ourei Harada
Ourei returned to the media spotlight in May 13, 2008 by reporting via webcast on the press release for Metal Gear Solid 4 held by Sony in Tokyo. From the footage of this webcast it is apparent that she has had breast reduction during her previous retirement.

Following her return to show business Harada Ourei become a weather reporter for a regional company that provides cellphone updates. Her blog reopened during this time period only to shutdown again on April 14th, 2009.

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On April 15th, 2009, it was announced that Harada Ourei would be changing her stage name to Maeda Eiko and joining the pop idol group SKE 48. This is a rather unusual career move for the former Japanese bikini idol who has had breast reduction surgery because even though SKE 48 supposedly only allows new members who are under the age of 20, Maeda Eiko was able to join at the age of 23.42 Ourei Harada

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Babe Ourei Harada is one of those sexy Japanese babes with big tits. We got a lot of people saying that Ourei Harada is one with the best big tits out there. In 2004 Ourei Harada won the Miss Magazine. Ourei Harada is a Cute Japanese Girl with a pair of Massive Bobbies. She is a Sexy Bikini Idol and she really deserves her title, just look at how she looks when she is in a Bikini, surely you can’t take your eyes off her.

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