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25 Responses to “sexy japanese girl sucking contest on a game show”

  1. Rachiou077 says:

    my dog want some sucking dont worry japanese girls hes a good boy :D

  2. rageohol says:

    Soft On Demand is a porno company…they make porn…so this is obviously not a regular on-TV type game show.

  3. wa08ch03 says:

    Japanese have small penis.

  4. DarkKnghtZ says:

    This is from a porn…. they are saying shit like “Which dick do you want to suck?”

  5. VenOmAgE says:


  6. stuotaku says:

    Makes me wish I had four dicks

  7. lonelyemo100 says:

    holy shit!! they do it soo good!!

  8. unknowndudewak says:

    wat dah fuk is this lol

    nice game show though

  9. yuki1512 says:

    WTF JAPAN?!?!?!?!

  10. beastywolf360 says:


  11. genjutsugaara says:

    they should put those things into their assholes to make it more interesting than make it looks like a porn show

  12. carnisero43 says:

    You won’t see that on the View!!!

  13. buddystubs100 says:

    I have to agree best game they have made

  14. maha33ification says:

    Best game

  15. TheZelda360 says:

    Japanese women Are Soo SEXY

  16. JayDavidKay says:

    Best game show ever.

  17. Sousuke15 says:

    GOD!! why can’t i be in japan!!

  18. betuxka says:

    I will report this, ok?
    don’t wanna see this videos in youtube

  19. TubeSkull says:

    Q cú bonito de grande tem essas Japas kkkkkkkkkkkk

  20. kalashnikov161 says:

    even on one of the smart country’s on the worl they have retards lol

  21. MrIIRAWR says:

    omg bonerr wtf sucking on my coock O.O

  22. montevideoGT says:


  23. alreadynow4434 says:

    japanese women look like innocent and prettier than toy dolls. so who they’re ? Angels?

  24. rw199137 says:

    @ammakichutt No, if this was in hiroshima im sure they would look braindead and retarded…oh wait!

  25. cazareprimidoz says:

    aaaaah, que vengan a practicar conmigo, que es más sabrosa

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