Tall strong JAPANESE GIRL lift a man in shoulders. Incredible!

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25 Responses to “TALL WOMEN CHIAKI : 6’2” FEET 200LBS”

  1. JaleelJohanson62 says:

    His punishment for not crashing his plane into a U.S. carrier? LOL

  2. luveraaab says:

    whow, 2 inches taller but 60 # heavier than me!

  3. johnnydemo9 says:

    lift me..let me ride your thighs..let me wank off on them!

  4. 123lebz says:

    lolol im 6ft3 =)

  5. ErikB71 says:

    man I’d give anything to have a woman like that.

  6. Jallandhara says:

    @tribs77 Considering this is obviously a fetishist video…

  7. sweetappletits says:

    omg japanese aswell.. shes amazing lol

  8. 1beatit says:

    0:46- he’s CRYING

  9. altuvuib says:

    Où est le sexe fort?

  10. tribs77 says:

    i can’t help but notice that she has given him a boner

  11. FlowerFlo1983 says:

    she’s 6ft0 tall not 6ft2 and the guy isn’t that small as some people here say. bunny glamazon for example is much bigger then her and she lifts even smaller men cause bunny’s not really strong.

  12. Jerryox69 says:

    thanks for the “stupid Bastard” … i say this sexy woman is like a dominated mother for this guy .

  13. GeorgeYurich1900 says:

    Write in English stupid Bastard.

  14. Jerryox69 says:

    oh ! on dirait une maman sexy qui maltraite avec plaisir son petit garçon …

  15. Runaholism says:

    she makes that guy look like her son.

  16. iownu92 says:

    carry me, hoe!

  17. 1beatit says:

    wow shes hot and it would be cool to have a girlfriend that could do THAT

  18. fidipidis2000 says:

    whos the men?

  19. jdcruise2001 says:

    omfg thats so sexy shes my dreamwoman, shed be fun in bed!

  20. drewster85 says:

    she’s a man, baby

  21. PolArbezcukru says:

    yea you’re right. They just took really small dude for this… it’s turning me on a lil bit but not too much :P

  22. lildwayne21 says:

    I agree completely

  23. Degenskonto says:

    whoa that dude is TINY!

  24. altuvuib says:

    Oh mon Dieu quelle force !

  25. WallyWadeMovies says:

    I don’t know about the weight or the height but physically she looks fine. When i first clicked this i thought i was going to look at some man-beast. She just looks like a normal girl. Big for japanese standard, i suppose. AND PEOPLE…stop bitching about asian women not having asses. I really could care less how big their poop-shooters look. My mind is somewhere else. To bitch about something for the sake of bitching is redundant and a waster of energy

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