Women of Ninja Warrior: Rie Komiya part 1

Rie Komiya’s Kunoichi runs in Kunoichi tournaments 4 and 5, stages 1-3.

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25 Responses to “Women of Ninja Warrior: Rie Komiya part 1”

  1. adeeply says:

    omg my penus is gonna explode!

  2. KKRRIISSKK00 says:


  3. stspeight says:

    @MilkyxCow82 Thank you.

  4. MilkyxCow82 says:

    @stspeight the one in 2010

  5. Misame5 says:

    contradiction to my comment on part 2 of this video but i wouldnt mind to ” NOM NOM NOM” her …

  6. HonkIfYouLoveHonking says:

    The one about who the announcer said “too bad they aren’t all this cute and sexy” and (she was of course, but many of them are just as…) and she takes off to do her attempt—and she has the hairiest armpits you ever saw.

    Anyone else remember that? LOL

  7. sfaster says:

    Rie is the best inside and out…………….

  8. stspeight says:

    Didn’t Rie Komiya win in one of the kunoichi tournaments? If she did can someone please tell me which one.

  9. blackhearts2cent says:

    she makes me horny omg

  10. Yimoney says:

    i would hit that and have her make me sushi!!!!!

  11. daTruChosen says:

    I’ve NEVER seen a Japanese woman with curves like that. NEVER. She’s SUPER fucking hot, too! She can get it!

  12. XxDavidxXPantera says:

    EASILY the most beautiful woman of ninja warrior ;)

  13. kagasan2008 says:

    pause at 2:24

  14. magicayu says:

    I thought she looks like shoko nakagawa..! o_0 :D

  15. nagger221 says:

    @Fektthis well..not to sound like a douche..but are your genes any good ?.cause you will be donating half lol..just saying..

  16. xemnas787 says:

    the second stage finished at the last second ? lol she was lucky and fast

  17. MasterNinja1250 says:

    my favorite kunouichi

  18. ciadude2 says:

    G4 is ridiculously stupid. She is an incredible athlete though.

  19. slayer6464 says:

    I love her. She is a badass Ninja.

  20. Misame5 says:

    @xFPSxGYPSYx well the point she is not just “hot” she is also one of the best female ninja warrior i have seen

  21. farnesbarnes says:

    one for the bank

  22. xFPSxGYPSYx says:

    @Misame5 right I mean shes hot but cant ppl just enjoy the show and keep it in their pants for God saks no one needs guys on YouTube to tell them shes hot they can see

  23. mosey8484 says:

    i want those tittiessssss and that tight ass and pussy

  24. Misame5 says:

    whats up with they pervy comments

  25. lordiluvatar86 says:

    that domino thing seems fucking hard one o.O impossible for me

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