Women of Ninja Warrior: Rie Komiya part 2

Continuation of the last video. Rie Komiya’s final stage run in Kunoichi 5 and stages 1-2 in Kunoichi 7.

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25 Responses to “Women of Ninja Warrior: Rie Komiya part 2”

  1. Amagieke says:


  2. BeastGirl15 says:

    Gee,I wish Singapore would create Ninja Warrior Singapore. I’m the tortoise who wish to surpass the obstacles.

  3. slayer6464 says:

    @Misame5 So Tru. Why noy give thumbs up for the comments about how she is one of the toughest competators in this compatition

  4. Misame5 says:

    why are only the sexual comments on this video given thumbs up?

  5. mosey8484 says:

    might of lost but is so sexy come ride me babyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. Lach1234 says:

    She’s so atheltic. And she’s always wearing them tight ‘short shorts’. ;)

  7. genghiskii says:

    dude,we need part 3, i cant find english subs of her playing in Kunoichi 8

  8. 60viking says:

    she is such a sport. with outstanding personality and legs. :-)

  9. mugenzero1 says:

    fell sorry for her, the challenges seem to get harder year by year.

  10. BeastGirl15 says:

    She reminds me of Mika Izumi who is very close to the goal.

  11. Drkshadow says:

    She’s so Hotter n cuter each time!!
    love the way she’s so humble but kicks ass! Will be cheering for you!! X

  12. ikeaaron says:

    RYE Komiya. Fucking gaijin.

  13. killme99952 says:

    i felt so bad for her when she lost in the 2nd stage but she kicked ass in kunoichi 8 i love her she is so awsome :)

  14. Korbandallas says:


  15. ssuuyyuuss says:


  16. The671Pinoy says:

    kunoichi 8 is the new episode coming in jan. 9 in g4

  17. mirulfree says:

    so pity with her!!she looks so sad at the end!!she is the greatest women ninja warior.she is the best!

  18. andrewandgregpwnu says:

    you dont like like women… do you

  19. andrewandgregpwnu says:


  20. freakyjos says:

    she get hotter each time she joins

  21. NanakoKuro says:

    WTF? lol

  22. jepeba66 says:

    i love her she is sexy and hot !!

  23. LaosNinja08 says:

    and on kunoichi 7 s2 look a the time wen see falls

  24. LaosNinja08 says:

    where you get this vids

  25. TheDom12345 says:

    fucking hot

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